Friday, January 16, 2015

Business Opportunity as Ant Networkerz Agent

Ant NetworkerZ Risk Management is now opening business opportunities to anyone who are interested to be agent Ant NetworkerZ. If you want to have extra income while just sitting in front of computer or mobile phone, you are welcome to join our team. With a very broad market prospects around you, we believe you can get a lot of extra income even if only by making it part-time.

Agent Application Form
Why You Should join as our Agent?
1.       You can get a discount up to 4% of the price of your car insurance.
2.       You can also get commission up to 4% of the price of your customer’s car insurance.
3.       Bonus of RM200 will be paid to you for every RM20,000 premium in 12 months.
4.        We will be adding more line of business for you soon and you can get 4% commission for all the business you do.
5.       Your commission will be bank in to your account end each month (30th or 31st each month) or 15 days (if your commission more than RM300).
6.       When your customers have claims, just PUSH the job to us. You don’t need to worry about claims.
7.       It’s a infinite business with just RM30 as registration fee. the registration is confirmed you can start the business immediately.
8.       Sales support 24x7.

What will be your income look like?

You will be paid 4% commission for each business you bring in.
For example, if the insurance premium is RM1000, you will earn a commission RM40.
Try to guess the number of cars owned by your father / mother / brothers / sisters / cousins  / relatives / friends / colleagues? All of them need to renew insurance in order to take road tax for their cars and motorcycles.
Let’s Assume,
5 cars in your family, 10 cars from your relatives, 10 cars from your friends and 5 cars from your colleagues..
RM1000 x 30 cars = RM 30,000 premium.
Your commission: RM 30,000 x 4% = RM 1,200 + Bonus RM200
Your total commission by sitting in front of PC is RM 1,400. This is before you start marketing. Imagine if you start talking about this around! Your commission will be just awesome!!
This business is very easy because you are earning RM40 within minutes by just filling up the forms and submit payment that takes no more than 10 minutes. Other things and our customer service will be maintained by ANT NetworkerZ team.

What should you do?
1.       Note the expiration date of your father / mother / brothers / sisters / cousins  / relatives / friends / colleagues Road Tax
2.        Offer them to renew insurance via you
3.       Get a Copy of existing Cover Note, then Submit Case.
4.       We will give you Premium Quotation
5.       Get the money and transfer to us.
6.       Done.

Covernote will be emailed to you. If you need hardcopy, we will post to the buyer. We can also help to renew Roadtax and port to buyer via MyEG.

Will I get terminated?
Agent who fails to make a minimum of TWO (2) sales in the first year of service will be terminated.

How to apply?
1. The registration fee of RM30 / year is required before you are certified as Ant NetworkerZ Agent.
2. Fill the form “Ant NetworkerZ Agent Registration”
3. Your agent number  will be emailed to you. Your account will be activated after you make the payment.

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