Friday, January 16, 2015

Business Opportunity as Ant Networkerz Agent

Ant NetworkerZ Risk Management is now opening business opportunities to anyone who are interested to be agent Ant NetworkerZ. If you want to have extra income while just sitting in front of computer or mobile phone, you are welcome to join our team. With a very broad market prospects around you, we believe you can get a lot of extra income even if only by making it part-time.

Agent Application Form
Why You Should join as our Agent?
1.       You can get a discount up to 4% of the price of your car insurance.
2.       You can also get commission up to 4% of the price of your customer’s car insurance.
3.       Bonus of RM200 will be paid to you for every RM20,000 premium in 12 months.
4.        We will be adding more line of business for you soon and you can get 4% commission for all the business you do.
5.       Your commission will be bank in to your account end each month (30th or 31st each month) or 15 days (if your commission more than RM300).
6.       When your customers have claims, just PUSH the job to us. You don’t need to worry about claims.
7.       It’s a infinite business with just RM30 as registration fee. the registration is confirmed you can start the business immediately.
8.       Sales support 24x7.

What will be your income look like?

You will be paid 4% commission for each business you bring in.
For example, if the insurance premium is RM1000, you will earn a commission RM40.
Try to guess the number of cars owned by your father / mother / brothers / sisters / cousins  / relatives / friends / colleagues? All of them need to renew insurance in order to take road tax for their cars and motorcycles.
Let’s Assume,
5 cars in your family, 10 cars from your relatives, 10 cars from your friends and 5 cars from your colleagues..
RM1000 x 30 cars = RM 30,000 premium.
Your commission: RM 30,000 x 4% = RM 1,200 + Bonus RM200
Your total commission by sitting in front of PC is RM 1,400. This is before you start marketing. Imagine if you start talking about this around! Your commission will be just awesome!!
This business is very easy because you are earning RM40 within minutes by just filling up the forms and submit payment that takes no more than 10 minutes. Other things and our customer service will be maintained by ANT NetworkerZ team.

What should you do?
1.       Note the expiration date of your father / mother / brothers / sisters / cousins  / relatives / friends / colleagues Road Tax
2.        Offer them to renew insurance via you
3.       Get a Copy of existing Cover Note, then Submit Case.
4.       We will give you Premium Quotation
5.       Get the money and transfer to us.
6.       Done.

Covernote will be emailed to you. If you need hardcopy, we will post to the buyer. We can also help to renew Roadtax and port to buyer via MyEG.

Will I get terminated?
Agent who fails to make a minimum of TWO (2) sales in the first year of service will be terminated.

How to apply?
1. The registration fee of RM30 / year is required before you are certified as Ant NetworkerZ Agent.
2. Fill the form “Ant NetworkerZ Agent Registration”
3. Your agent number  will be emailed to you. Your account will be activated after you make the payment.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Your Insurance Premium Cheaper?
A: All Insurance company premium is the same, as the rate is governed by Bank Negera. Thus, there is no difference if you purchase your insurance from Allianz or your existing company. The insurance premium rate will be the same. The only possible difference is excess or loading which is subjected to many conditions and at the discretion of the Insurance company to impose.

Q: How Do I know My NCD (No-Claim Discount)?
A: Your NCD entitlement is usually mentioned in your renewal notice from your existing insurer. However, you can check your NCD entitlement here.

Q: What is Agreed Value?
A: Agreed Value is the market value which determined by Insurance Company. If your vehicle is stolen or totally loss during the period of cover, the Insurer liable to pay this amount for such loss under terms and conditions of the policy.

Q: How do I know my Car Present Market Value?
A: It is important that you do not under-insured your car. Find out your car present value based on your car make/model via Allianz Agreed Value. Select West Malaysia or East Malaysia to check your car market value

Q: Can I insure below Market Value?
A: If you under-insured your car, you are considered as self-insured for the difference, i.e. in the event of loss/damage, you will only be partially compensated (up to the proportion of insurance) by the Insurance Company.

Q: Can I insure above market value?
A: If you over-insured, the maximum compensation you will receive is the market value of the vehicle as the policy owner cannot "profit" from motor claim. Therefore, you would have paid higher premium for nothing.

Q: What is Excess?
A: The excess is the first amount of claim borne by insured. For example, insured total claim amount is RM4,000 and have an excess of RM500 on your motor insurance, Allianz will settle the RM3,500 and insured will have to pay the balance of RM500 before the workshop release your vehicle.

Q: What is the compulsory excess for my car?
A: You will be charged a compulsory excess of RM400 as stated under endorsement 2F of the Schedule if you allow your car to be driven by the following:
  • who is under the Age of 21 years
  • who is the holder of a Provisional (L) driving license
  • who is the holder of a Full driving license of less than 2 years
  • who is not named in the Schedule
  • named in the Schedule who is less than the age of 21 years and/or the holder of a provisional (L) driving license and/or the holder of a Full driving license of less than 2 years.

Q: Why should I renew with Allianz General Insurance?
A: Allianz is the Number 1 General Insurance Company in Malaysia and is famous for fast claim approval. If you need a claim with hassle free, then, you should renew with Allianz. Allianz also offers FREE towing for 150km roundtrip.

Q: Do you cover all type of vehicles?
A: Allianz Insurance covers private and company registered cars only.

Q: Do you accept all car models?
A: Only a few car models which classified as High Risk Theft Vehicle (HRTV) will not be accepted through Allianz Insurance: (Please note the HRTV list is subject to change from time to time without further notice.)
Toyota Harrier (if Sum Insured more than RM100,000)
Toyota Camry (3 years and below)
Toyota Fortuner / Hilux / Landcruiser / Lexus / Prado aged 5 years and below
All Toyota Alphard/Velfire
Toyota Estima (5 years and below)
All Toyota Caldina
All Toyota Celica
All Subaru Impreza
Honda CRV (3 years and below)

Q: Do you provide any emergency roadside assistance? How can I reach them?
A: Yes, it is Allianz Auto Assist (AAA). It is 24 hours a day, 365 days that can be reached at 1800-88-6278 or 03-21613960.

Q: What’s a “NO CLAIM DISCOUNT” (NCD) entitlement?
A: No Claim Discount (NCD) is given to the policy holders upon renewal of motor insurance policy if no claim was made against your policy within 12 months coverage. Once you have claimed on the motor insurance then your NCD will be forfeited and falls back to 0%.

Q: Will I lose my NCD if I make a claim?
A: If any claim is made on your motor insurance policy during the period of cover, your NCD will be forfeited and revert to 0%. You will have to start to accumulate your discount in a new cycle. However, this excludes no-fault Own Damage claim and windscreen claim, provided if an additional cover for windscreen is purchased. You can check your NCD entitlement here.

Q: If I have insured more than one vehicle, will the same NCD apply for all?
A: No, one NCD percentage can only be applied to one vehicle only.

Q: Can I transfer my company registered car’s NCD to my personal car?
A: No. You can only transfer your NCD to another vehicle that belongs to you (registered under your own name).

Q: What should I do when I meet an accident?
A: After an incident that could lead to a claim you should notify Allianz immediately and call Allianz Auto Assist (AAA) if you required towing service to send your car to Allianz approved panel workshop only.
If third party vehicle is involved, note the registration number of the vehicle, nature of damage sustained and the insurer concerned. And if third party is injured, note the injuries suffered and if possible the personal details such as name, age, contact address, telephone number, etc
Lodge Police Report within 24 hours and send your insured vehicle to our approved panel workshop. Should you need claim advice and guidance, please contact Allianz customer service or your nearest Allianz branch.

Q: How do I get my car repair after accident happen?
A: You may send your car to any of Allianz 345 approved panel workshop nationwide. Allianz approved panel workshop will undertake to arrange the repairs.

Q: How long will my claim take to process?
A: For accidental damage less than RM5,000, Allianz panel workshop can immediate commence repair work without adjuster assessment. If the repair cost more than RM5,000, Allianz will send an adjuster to assess the damage within 48 hours and the workshop will start repair work after the adjuster assess the damage.
For other types of claim, Allianz aims to settle the claim within 10 working days subject to complete documentation has been obtained. Please call Allianz customer service for more details at 1300-88-1028

Q: What is loading?
A: Loading is an additional surcharge imposed on the basic premium rate to cover high risk exposure. Examples of risk factors for loading are driver age/named drivers’ age, age of vehicle, claim experience, high performance/sports car.

Q: How many named drivers can be included in the insurance coverage?
A:You can name two drivers (yourself and other) for free. However, you may also name four (4) additional drivers under your motor insurance for a small charge of RM10 per person.

Q: Do I need to inform Allianz of any changes of engine to my car?
A: Yes, you are required to inform Allianz, because change of engine may change the risk exposure and premium amount charged.

About Us

Ant NetworkerZ has been in market for more than 5 years now. We are doing life and general insurance business and carries only Allianz products. All these while we have our online customers who renew their motor insurance policies via our facebook page.

 Now, in year 2015, we are opening the business opportunities for public. So, to make it easier we have started this page to enlighten our agents about Allianz products, and also forms for them to easiely fill up. Now everyone can do business with this way.

 As we informed earlier, we are an agency under Allianz. Allianz is number 1 General Insurance company in Malaysia. Allianz is famous for their fast claim approval for any claim. Here we hope to provide you a better service by offering you an online platform to renew your motor insurance. All vital information can be submitted to us via our online form and we will process them as-if we have collected them in person. Right now we only using online payment transfer method as our credit card payment service is still in process.

We will also email you the covernote via email in soft copy. If you need to contact us, kindly drop as a email to or +6 (012) 634 9414.